IPOEX 2017


Ministry of Science 

and Higher Education 

Jarosław Gowin

Col. Tadeusz Szczurek, PhD Hab. Eng. Rector-Commandant of the Military University of Technology

Professor  Tadeusz  Słomka

AGH UST Rector


General information

The 14th International Conference: 

"IPOEX 2017 Explosives: Research - Application - Safety", organised by the Institute of Industrial Organic Chemistry,   will take place on 5-7 June 2017 in "JASKÓŁKA" Hotel in Ustroń, Poland (http://www.jaskolka.com.pl/).

The topic of the conference:

  • Chemistry and technology of explosive materials;
  • Research of explosives;
  • Explosives application in the army, mining and materials engineering;
  • Safety aspects of manufacturing process;
  • Utilization of explosives; 
  • Blasting technique;
  • Blasting works safety in mining;
  • Regulations of production, transport, storage, and use of explosives.

Guidelines for Authors

A summary of the paper in English or Polish should be sent by email to ipoex_office@ipo.waw.pl or by mail as       a hardcopy accompanied by a disc (CD or DVD) on the address of secretariat. Pictures should be sent in separate files. Preferred format of graphic files - jpg. Preferred Lecture time 15- 20 minutes. Papers and summaries for presentation in Proceedings of Conference IPOEX 2017 should be prepared according to guidelines below:

  • Summary should not exceed one page of A4 (1800 characters);
  • The maximum size of paper: 12 pages;
  • Text files in MS WORD format, with extend doc or rtf;
  • Font Times New Roman 12 p, lead 1.5, justified margin L/R 3 cm, U/D 2.5 cm;
  • Title - capital, bold letters of the words;
  • Names and surnames of Authors (bold) should be placed under the title;
  • Complete institutional affiliation should be placed under the name of Author;
  • Keywords - under the summary (italic);
  • Deadline for applications and abstracts - 14 April 2017.
  • Deadline for providing the full text of paper is 5 May 2017.